“Souper Bowl of Caring”


Collingwood’s Youth Group is participating in the “Souper Bowl of Caring” again this year! Please bring in your NON-PERISHABLE FOOD ITEMS and CASH next week, on Sunday, February 5th! Collection bins are in the lobby before the entrance to the Fellowship Hall and stairs. Please contribute!

Did you know during Super Bowl 50, young people and groups across the country raised over 10 million in cash and resources for charities through Souper Bowl of Caring? This national movement is transforming the weekend of the Big Game into the nation’s largest youth-inspired weekend of giving and serving.

During the time around the Super Bowl, groups and young people collect cash or in-kind donations. Each group donates their collection directly to the charity of their choice. Organizers simply ask that groups report their collection amount so a national total can be determined.

College Essay Writing Tips

College Essay Writing Tips

College takes a different approach to essay writing than school does, in that it expects all its students to be original in their writing and thinking. This does not usually extend to the essay structure itself, but in terms of research, questions, and presentation, the student is normally expected to handle everything. This can put both more and less pressure on students; more because they need to be original, and less because there are fewer restrictions.

As always, any essay should start with research, as much research as possible. One advantage of having free rein over the question means that you can always choose what interests you, something which can make the entire process much easier. While outlines do not need to be followed (or even used), using them in college essays is perhaps even more important than it was in school, just because these essays tend to go more in-depth. College essays are expected to be more complex than school ones, reflecting that you are learning about a subject in a much more variegated way than you were before, and also because the research you have access to is generally more in-depth itself than the research available from school.


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One Worship Service Sunday, November 22nd


One worship service at 10am this Sunday, November 22nd, in the Sanctuary.

After the service we will decorate for the Christmas season.

Lunch will be provided. Don’t miss it!

Reformation Sunday Video

Here is just a small sample of the amazing music at Collingwood today. Thank you Michigan Bagpiper For All Occasions for joining us in worship!

Reformation Sunday



Reminder: This Sunday, October 18th: ONE COMBINED SERVICE at 10am!

A note from Pastor David:
We celebrate Reformation Sunday on October 18th, with one (1) worship service in the Sanctuary. The time of worship will be 10:00am, and following the service, everyone is welcome to stay for an indoor picnic lunch of brats, hot dogs, and sides. Lunch will be served in Fellowship Hall, and prepared as a cooperative effort of the Deacons and the Elders.

But the worship service that is planned will be outstanding! Two members of the Garden Service band, Refuge, will play unplugged (quieter) versions of their sacred music. The Bell Choir will play. The Chancel Choir will sing. The bagpiper will play.

That’s right, we will enjoy the stirring sounds of the pipes this coming Sunday. At my request, Dennis Blubaugh arranged for a local piper to join us in worship, to accompany us in the singing of “Amazing Grace,” to offer her own choice of music in the Prelude and to join with Dennis on the organ for the Postlude with the powerful “Highland Cathedral.”

Please note, there are other changes for the day.

Children will remain in the worship service, as no Sunday School will be offered. The Nursery will be staffed as usual.

There will be a Children’s Sermon during the service, and worship bags will be ready to hold the interest of the children during the sermon.

If you have wanted to invite someone to join us on a Sunday morning, this would be good Sunday to extend the invitation.

Why not wear something a little “Scottish” this Sunday? A tartan, perhaps? A plaid scarf or tie, or Argyle socks? A kilt and sporran are always fashionable! The Sanctuary will be decked out, I trust.

There is so much good music and fellowship planned that I can hardly wait!

See you in church!

Pastor David

Door Color Poll


Let’s draw some attention to our wonderful church home with a new door color. Please take a look at the pictures below and then vote in the poll.


Which is your favorite color for the church doors?

  • Red (71%, 34 Votes)
  • Green (13%, 6 Votes)
  • Blue (10%, 5 Votes)
  • Purple (6%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 48

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2015 CPC Father’s Day Tribute Video


Hope you enjoy our Father’s Day Tribute!

Break In at Collingwood


Toledo (13abc Action News) – A homeless woman is accused of breaking into a local church.
Tonight the community hopes the mentally ill woman gets some help.

Christine Palmer is the christian education director for Collingwood Presbyterian Church. She says a woman got inside the church over the weekend and stole electronics.

The suspect Santee Gardner didn’t get away. The church had some guardian angels watching the building. Some people in the neighborhood flagged down the police and gave up the suspect.

“They said they messed with the wrong church. They feed us and we don’t want to mess that up. The community didn’t want anything happening to our church because we do a community dinner for them the last Sunday of every month,” said Christine Palmer with Collingwood Presbyterian Church.

Collingwood Presbyterian Church has been a staple in the old west end community for 125 years. The Old West End is a tight knit community.

“It doesn’t really surprise me that they helped us out and looked out for us. I think that’s something that people need to know in Toledo is the Old West End is a great community to live in,” said Palmer.

“The Old West End association and the block watches that they have over here and all the historic houses people watch out,” said Toledoan James Hollis.

James Hollis says he heard about the break-in. He recalled seeing the suspect in the neighborhood that day.

“I think she has a mental issue and there may be some drug issue involved so that’s why she did what she did. Hopefully they will get her some help that’s what she needs,” said Hollis.

Police say Gardner admitted to stealing a television, coffee pot and microwave from the church. She is homeless and now faces a charge of breaking and entering to commit theft. In the meantime church leaders say they are looking at new safety procedures.

“They came through the front door somehow and we are looking into that to make sure that can’t happen again,” said Palmer.

Church Office Relocation


PM_B2BCON_FullImageHey Everyone,

Today is Wednesday, June 10th. When I conclude writing to you, I will change clothes and start taking down the partitions, which are no longer needed, in the Toledo Area Ministry offices. If I am careful, the framing and dry wall may be useful in the Church Office Relocation which begins soon!

That’s right – the Session agreed to relocate the church offices in the (former) Toledo United for Social Action offices on the ground floor. I am confident we can do this relocation project ourselves, and so I invite you to spend some quality time with the Pastor every Wednesday afternoon throughout the weeks of summer.

The TAM area needs to be prepared as a staging storage area – that is why I begin today opening the space by removing partitions.

The Church Office Relocation requires a project manager (someone has been asked and is considering), and a crew of volunteers. Let’s use the Habitat for Humanity model – roughly one afternoon or morning during the week, and one afternoon or morning on the weekend.

Everyone and anyone may help.

Can you follow directions? Can you hammer a nail? Can you paint? The destruction/construction crew needs these basic skills.

We need a decorating crew, too. Can you help choose the color palette for walls, flooring, and furniture? Can you assess the furniture in the entry way, and recommend if it should be recovered, replaced, or removed to a new location in the building?

Do you know someone who can help out? Ask if he or she is interested and if so, contact me with a name, phone/email address.

Let’s expand our core of volunteers! Let’s work together as we make a significant shift within our church! Give CPC your sweat equity and save the church thousands of dollars, while you learn new tricks of the trade and deepen friendships! Win – Win – Win!

As Picasso said, “Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.” Join in de-constructing and re-constructing CPC for the future.

In the name of the carpenter’s son, Jesus.
Pastor David

Pictures Wanted!



Father’s Day is coming up and we’d like to make a special video of all our Collingwood Dads, past and present. Do you have pictures of your Dad to share with us? Please post in the comments or email to susan.roush@bex.net. Thanks!