Church Office Relocation

PM_B2BCON_FullImageHey Everyone,

Today is Wednesday, June 10th. When I conclude writing to you, I will change clothes and start taking down the partitions, which are no longer needed, in the Toledo Area Ministry offices. If I am careful, the framing and dry wall may be useful in the Church Office Relocation which begins soon!

That’s right – the Session agreed to relocate the church offices in the (former) Toledo United for Social Action offices on the ground floor. I am confident we can do this relocation project ourselves, and so I invite you to spend some quality time with the Pastor every Wednesday afternoon throughout the weeks of summer.

The TAM area needs to be prepared as a staging storage area – that is why I begin today opening the space by removing partitions.

The Church Office Relocation requires a project manager (someone has been asked and is considering), and a crew of volunteers. Let’s use the Habitat for Humanity model – roughly one afternoon or morning during the week, and one afternoon or morning on the weekend.

Everyone and anyone may help.

Can you follow directions? Can you hammer a nail? Can you paint? The destruction/construction crew needs these basic skills.

We need a decorating crew, too. Can you help choose the color palette for walls, flooring, and furniture? Can you assess the furniture in the entry way, and recommend if it should be recovered, replaced, or removed to a new location in the building?

Do you know someone who can help out? Ask if he or she is interested and if so, contact me with a name, phone/email address.

Let’s expand our core of volunteers! Let’s work together as we make a significant shift within our church! Give CPC your sweat equity and save the church thousands of dollars, while you learn new tricks of the trade and deepen friendships! Win – Win – Win!

As Picasso said, “Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.” Join in de-constructing and re-constructing CPC for the future.

In the name of the carpenter’s son, Jesus.
Pastor David

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