College Essay Writing Tips

College Essay Writing Tips

College takes a different approach to essay writing than school does, in that it expects all its students to be original in their writing and thinking. This does not usually extend to the essay structure itself, but in terms of research, questions, and presentation, the student is normally expected to handle everything. This can put both more and less pressure on students; more because they need to be original, and less because there are fewer restrictions.

As always, any essay should start with research, as much research as possible. One advantage of having free rein over the question means that you can always choose what interests you, something which can make the entire process much easier. While outlines do not need to be followed (or even used), using them in college essays is perhaps even more important than it was in school, just because these essays tend to go more in-depth. College essays are expected to be more complex than school ones, reflecting that you are learning about a subject in a much more variegated way than you were before, and also because the research you have access to is generally more in-depth itself than the research available from school.



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